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This is a commercial for nike where the good guys (the allstar players of Europe) take on devil figures and beast them.



alejandro ocaña vazquez says:

Alguien de por aqui recuerda a ROBERTO CARLOS saliendo en este comercial y no ese tal broli..?
Yo recuerdo que el que se tiraba la tijera o chilena era ROBERTO CARLOS y no ese tal broli…
Incluso salia al lado de PAOLO MALDINI incluso hay otra version de este mismo comercial pero con un jugador que sale al lado de MALDINI con la playera de U.S.A con el numero 7 cosa que se me hace muy rara …yo recuerdo a ROBERTO CARLOS y no a esos jugadores

Armando Sanchez says:


DG7 says:

I love this commercial thanks

Ghiiso Cyan says:

maybe they're friendly=>forse sono solo brutti. ok

Betito Martinez says:


Avinash p says:

Who else watching this in 2017?

erickplascenciamma says:

2017 fuck yeah!

himbux terrafux says:


Lilltroll says:

He he he… Brolin:)

Well That Sucks says:

why was this my favourite video when i was 5????

Pedro Correia says:

This ad is a very good piece of work. I like it very much. My praises to this ad and also to myself for being able to use this in my life. Go Figo! Ahah

Kevin Garcia says:

My birthday is in oct. the 8th 2005 and this was made in nov.20th 2005 almost my birthday lol


Who watching in 1980?

HungerFox 11 says:

who from 2k17

Juan carlos says:

maybe their friendly LOL

Huang Jasper says:

This was later ripped off to become the main plot of Shaolin Soccer@@ It's so damn obvious now.

That Guy says:

This is so damn old

THELEGEND_ 27 says:


Ali Tunc says:

vay amını ırzını sikeyim ne eski reklam daha 2005 de yüklenmiş ama cantona olduguna gor 1996 nın reklamı bu knk

Pasha Defragzor says:

0:43 reminds lan cafe near mine house ^^ its closed ^^ Awesome commercial !

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