Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes, and if you don't know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music.


One of the greatest basketball moments EVER! 😳 | #shorts

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Martin Stangeland says:

Damn imagine if he ha 2 hands

Mago Solis says:

Fake he has one arm c'mon.

Jkev24 says:

At first I was like "Like that's impressive, but why is his dribbling so one handed? Like use your off hand man" and then I realized after he dunked he is in fact literally one-handed. 😳

Callie Duval says:

So who won?

TheYorkerGuy says:

That is just very bad defense

Lester Ingram says:

This kid has incredible skills, even with a disability he's competing at a high level and out moving a 3 man guard, just imagine him without the disability. Wowwww

SalaryCapo says:

Whole lotta celebrating. Not a lotta getting back on defense. Still believe I’d be hyped up for it

Evan W says:

He's great, but that defense was shit

Duran E. Evans, Sr. says:

Here's a thought🤔…the fact that the dude that got shook out his boots 😂 and this took me back to an old marital arts film the 'One Armed Swordsman' back in 67'. Although I didn't see the movie till I was about 5 or 6. But yeah, he didn't give up on himself like the guy in the movie…🤨opinions?

Tyler Partridge says:

terrible defense both sides and too much celebration after the shot trash talking

Gustave Rosenthal says:

ONE of the Greatest dunks ever. ONE

Eddie Duran says:

Bruh he took yal whole team! and embarrassed tf out of yal.

Kam Shack says:

First NBA player to get a robot arm Watch

Anthony Nieves says:

The first dunk he clearly traveled before the dunk.

Devin Osland says:

Bruh… like litterally no defense played in this video

Shawn Davis says:

I bet he never gets called for DOUBLE DRIBBLING….

Toby says:

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Makaveli Ml says:


Christopher Hutchison says:

Dudes got one arm…. brub some hard done by snow flake types need to watch this

Martin Mackye says:

needs to work on his left….

Reginald Colter says:

Talent.. To play with one arm and not carry 🤔💪🏾👌🏽

Manny Barz says:

Shoutz out 2 my guy 1 arm Willie 💪🏾

real fire says:

The one arm bandit strikes again

Tanvir Pavel says:

Hansel Emmanuel that dude fr 💯💯🔥

John Maclin says:

The team in white celebrating get back on D

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