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Over The Top – Arm Wrestling Video Arcade Machine – BMIGaming.com – Andamiro

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Get More Info & Prices at: http://www.bmigaming.com | Over The Top Arm Wrestling Video Arcade Game with Optional Ticket Redemption Feature | From BMI Gaming and Andamiro Entertainment

Over The Top Arm Wrestling Video Arcade Game  – One of the newest sports-oriented games on the market today, “Over The Top” acts like a traditional mechanical
arm wrestling game, but has some very interesting and modern features, including a vertically-mounted LCD flat screen monitor to keep track of the play action !

Over The Top comes with a eye catching and stylish cabinet, along with an wrestling arm with an innovative clutch motor mechanism and smart-logic safety system.
The natural movement of mechanical arm gives the feel of a human arm to the player. For precise control the game is equipped with a clutch made by auto parts manufacturer.

In Over The Top, players have the choice to choose their preferable “opponent” matching their strength – The game is operator-friendly and is very easy to maintain.

The durable Reinforced Steel construction of the game cabinet makes Over The Top
a very long lasting and trouble-free game to maintain.

Over The Top also comes equipped with an optional ticket redemption payout feature as well, for use in prize arcades, fun and family entertainment centers, and is a good money maker in nightclubs, bars, pubs, pool halls,restaurants, pizzaries, stores, street locations and other location-based entertainment venues.

Get More Information at : http://www.bmigaming.com


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