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Goals from Cristiano Ronaldo, Alvaro Morata and Dejan Kulusevski claimed all 3 points for Juventus as they push towards the top of the table! | Serie A TIM

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Genii Sterlegov says:

Wonderful 🎉🎉

Ulubey Yıldız Tozu says:


Azazil Kadir Kears says:

İşte Ronaldo olunca ülke nin trendlerin de olmaz ise ayıp olurdu

misuyy fong says:

The way Ramsey is shining with CR7 tho!

Hiko buba says:

SELAMUN aleyküm

James Tamang says:

that random person who read my comment i pray 🙏may u nd ur parent live more than 100 years

KD Fantasi says:
Apakah Hipnotis Rizkyfebian Setingan Katanya Setingan…

KD Fantasi says:
Apakah Hipnotis Rizkyfebian Setingan Katanya Setingan…

Gerzek Aaaa Bayy says:


Gerzek Aaaa Bayy says:


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Ry Xuy says:

0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.

Tülay Topçu says:

Var 4. Bölüm izliyorken düsündüm biz ne izliyoruz bunlar nasıl futbol izliyor..

VİDEO M says:

Var 4. Bölümden aha buraya kadar geldim 😀

Kim Jennie says:

İşte bu yüzden Ronaldo😍

Денис Гладій says:

Залетай ко мне на стрим

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