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Celso Jief Flores says:

Clowns 🤡

Johnny Macho says:

yabanag mo terrence romeo , gagalingan mo pa eh

I like ya cut g says:

These uncles are crazy

jorge tinoco says:

Mga lapa lapaun haha

young andy says:

After watching this video I’m considering signing to the PBA

Kayaba Kazuto says:

Go Sen Pong Gok

irisisreal says:

3pt contest paramihan ng sablay edition.

lol stop says:

Being able to understand Tagalog makes this 100x better😂😂😂. The commenters are absolutely GASSING the shooters.

Gabriel Peretto says:

most bricks ive ever seen in 2 min 14 seconds

stebopign says:

they should rename this from all star game to clowns game. putting in politicians.. lols.

Dan L. says:

Tickets were free right?

Joserico Ubaldo says:

Where is pacquiao????? Lol

Pinoy Heartbeat says:

B O N G G O…. T A E

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