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Have you ever wondered who the hardest hitting fighter is? Do boxers have a more powerful punch? i was so mad that i could not get the high score but i hope you guys like this video its all about having fun sometime . so i hope you guys are happy and this made you laugh.

The sometimes beautiful, sometimes brutal sport of boxing has evolved significantly since its seminal days of disorganized violence, yet so much remains the same. Ultimately it is still a toe-to-toe, foe versus foe, stand-up, knockdown one ring circus! The popularity of the sport has waxed and waned. According to many, the sport is dying and on the way out, supplanted by MMA and other sports. And while there are certainly issues and struggles in the sport, boxing, in reality, still draws enormous viewership and is just as beloved as ever. While this article is just a taste of the extensive history of the sport, there’s still much to come and we expect boxing to continue to be written about 100 years from now.


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JeanMehmoud says:

1:15 stfu little shit

Mikasaa -san says:

Let saitama do it 🙂

pr10000000000 says:

1:45 and 6:42 girl has proper technique. These machines are bullshit tho.

Alienzz69 says:

1:29 it's in estonia roc al mare play ground

Jake B. says:

Some girls barely punched it and it went to like the 600s

Hayden Cotton says:

At 6:44 you can tell it’s fake

Bababo says:

Was I the only one that noticed that there was a freakin' Austin Powers game next to the boxing machine at 1:21?

Christ is God says:

Some people do this too much

R Star says:

Every machine is rigged so that you can either score really high or really low. You can personally set them up to do that.

Dallas Summers says:

Machines are set different.i hit 914 on one at the fair then that night I could only hit 783 on the one at wings and rings when we went out to eat

HolyzTheOne says:

1:54 is fap material

Eye Ball says:

5:08 .. & .. 6:00 …. ooooffff .. ?

Eye Ball says:

Now that was a dig at 3:43 ..?

Young_gucci says:

I actually learn something the max. Is 999!!?? so if some kind of a clickbait ytber says he/she broke the world record IETS FIJKE

Kieran Kardong says:

I would give anything to see bruce lee be alive to try this shit

Polysium says:

1:05 see how she smiles after? Thats the Child of satan

Carl Johnson says:

This men make it look easy, im sure I wouldn't even reach 200

Russell Fitzgerald says:

1:45 I’ll admit that was pretty hard

Ameer Elbarati says:

This one is fake 6:44

Thegamewrecker says:

6:43 it were already 999

Tekno Kedi says:

Hadi bayrakları asalım ?

Jeffrey Koelewijn says:

5:15 was hard !

Justice Torch says:

In a world where women apparently can kill men in one hit

Drogensüchtig mit 15 says:

The half of them were Germans 🙂

HipHop City says:

Heard some horseshoe gang lol

jimbo 88 says:

is it just me or are all men turning into weird homosexual, bodybuilding, slicked back greasy hair, tight t-shirt wearing, fucking catwalk model wannabe clone's of each other? all these "blokes" look like fucking hair dressers haha

Ørangey says:

999 on 7:56 :O

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