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A tribute to some awesome people. Here is a list of the videos used (check them out!) :

Music: M83 Outro –

OK GO – Needing/Getting Official Video –
Salomon Freeski TV S5 E13 Sit Ski Backflip –
Red Bull Cubed Pipe –
Stunt Motorcyclist in Downtown Chicago –
Triple Rodeo – Billy Morgan –
World’s Largest Rope Swing –
Wingsuit Gliding through the Crack Gorge in Switzerland –
Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 2 –
Black Diamond Jet Team –
Experience Freedom –
Patrick Kane Amazing Shootout Goal –
Winter X Games 2012 First Snowmobile Front Flip Landed –
Blake Griffins Huge Poster Dunk On Kendrick Perkins –
Chevy Sonic –



Wojciech Osiadacz says:

Greeting from Poland

Kellan Feng says:

This got recommended to me like 8 years after

Ste E says:

Who is speaking at the beginning?

TheCitedAviator says:

Motivational lizard

Nickdumb says:

This song gives me goosebumps

The Devil says:

We're such an amazing species when we want to be….

jason miller says:

"hold my beer".

GJSA says:

3:02 can we appreciate this guy filmed that perfectly whilst jumping 50ft

Caleb Dickerson says:

this video started out good, but you somehow managed to fuck it up at the most intense moment of the song. Its hard to fuck up a song like this, work on your editing skills. I mean that sincerely not rudely

Renato Roehrs says:

Who have speech that, please? Thanks.

Elvis Sinsel says:

If this doesn't get you HYPE I don't know what will!



lucas torres says:

this video deserve a million views

Jonah says:

I love this song

wickedblock1 says:

thx u buddy I use this every morning well at least most mornings lol I really like to think iam on the right path but won't be there until I feel iam there, right now Iam on the edge …. I have the car of my dreams, the family and the comfort of living but still iam missing something thanks to this I could find it….. I can't say enough plz keep the vids going it will change a life

Imran Khan says:

Wow, brilliant.

Chameleon1616 says:

Wing suits… Enough said…

Gary Baker says:

awesome video love it.

NoMoStatic says:

Who landed that last snowboard trick at the end?

Joshua says:

Gawd this makes me feel lazy

Iseekknowledge says:

'Some' people are awesome. 'Some' people are capable of awesomeness. 'Most' people will always be just mediocre or below because of how they think.

GetBucK says:

Best speech and music combo I've ever heard, damn this is motivating!

Stellar Gryphon says:

Adding this song to any video makes it 200% more amazing.

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