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Dude Perfect teams up w/ Pool Trick Shot legend Florian ‘Venom’ Kohler
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Like the music?? Manic Drive is sick!!
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HUGE thanks to the Universal Billiards for delivering us a pool table in the middle of a huge field! Check them out below!
► Universal Billiards Website:

Also HUGE thanks to Frisco Parks and Rec for letting us set up a regular and jumbo pool table in their park!!
►Check them out HERE:

AWESOME intro animation by: | ►Check out their channel for incredible videos!

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Vegito says:

@Dude Perfect your better with @Venom Trickshots than@Kid Magic

Gustavo Oliveira says:

Quero ver ele contra o baianinho de Mauá

O Miranda says:

Baianinho de mauá mandou um abraço

Frat pickles Nards says:

Lol this was all florian

Geert Fischer says:

you guys should do mountain bike stunts

Dolphin 84 says:

Can you please make more pool trick shots

Phong Creation says:


Antony George Al-Salibi says:

2:06 that's unfair

RECON x says:

Soccer please

Karin Van Der Merwe says:

Rugby must be next


2:36 the white ball is not supposed to go in the hole

Blue Flame says:

2019 anyone?

Blueberry skin says:

Your not dude perfect because nobody is perfect

Praveen Muttineni says:

Cricket should be next

Oscar Lundin says:

4:31 allsooow D.R nerstigning

TridKP says:

Know what I’m doing next billiards session

Ethan Eliason says:

The man must have a degree in physics

Luis manuel Gomez Raudez says:

Pongan subtítulos en español
put subtitles in Spanish

THE Rodry says:


Ong Cs says:

Wow fake videos

Fabricia Caroline says:

Cara esse bicho é muito louco vei

Monish Avvaru says:


Maybe tennis

mike drop says:

Efren Reyes s the GOAT 👑 of pool 🎱!


Florian a new dude perfect!

phú toàn nguyễn says:

4:16 ô my ball :v

Nawar games says:

I now this guy

das_ Kennross says:

I like the things they do but they overreact too often

Alex Scavo says:

vemon trick shots is amazing

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