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tamez29 says:

The hate is real with you for James harden Mr.Mathews

Agnes Young says:

i have not watched the news in 5 years for that reason

Darrin Hall says:

cool that's awesome

Jeffrey White says:

Sportsmanship never gets old

Jeffrey White says:

I invite you to join Buckeye nation

Karen says:

I have no clue when or where or what was happening when the event security guy reacted that way to the child running up to one of the athletes. All i know is that my ass would have been handed to me the moment I got back to the security office. I spent a few years doing arena security (the pay sucks but front row seats for any concert I wanted to see more than made up for it lol). My main post was controlling access to backstage and to the tour bus parking lot. So I completely understand why and how he reacted. The fan ran onto the field and right up to the athlete. He had to react first; because even a kid can be armed and there's a chance the athlete may have been injured trying to move away. I even understand him following protocol and calling over a cop to remove him. With all that said, the moment the talent/client (athlete in this case) told him to back off and the kid was allowed to stay, the event security guy should have immediately backed off. Whether or not somebody is on a "guest list" goes out the window as soon as somebody from the team/band gives verbal permission. That was just ridiculous

Puneet Singh Puri says:

11:14 that is Amanda Cerny

Deviantart King of 97 says:

4:13 stop LolxD hahahhaha

James C says:

Everyday I make a conscious effort to fill my life with more positive than negative. I usually avoid the news all together if possible and no longer have social media accounts. About the only thing I regularly do is watch your reaction videos. Especially enjoy these type of videos and of course the Rap Battles! Thanks for trying to entertain us and making our days better.

Nichole Lowther says:

There are a ton of Derek Redmond videos out there, but here's the story from the man himself!

Doug Stitt says:

Say traveling on 3 OMG that was rich Mr. matthews have you been watching alot of george carlin ? heehee

Cindy McManus says:

Beautiful video❤️

Amanda Korcsmaros says:

One of my favorite things to do is go to Dave and busters play a ton of games and give my tickets away to some kid. It makes their day.

Sue Henson says:

I love watching videos with you !!

MS. TERRY says:


Epineri Nasavu says:

Travelling on 3🤣🤣

Vallorie Masiero-Valdez says:

Thanks, I really needed this reminder right now with all this crazy going on. Peace, Love, and PittBulls.

Joe S says:

17th June, the only league that matters is back

April's Style by Design says:

You are SO right about the news

David Roseman says:

That's the only ball that Harden ever touched that he didn't shoot.

Massive Martha says:

That fan with the soccer player is famous YouTuber Amanda Cerny.

TimbOh TV says:

11:23 so funny its amanda cerny, a former playboy model. of course he is gonna take a pic and check her out with an extra long glance. xD

Trent Donohue says:

Don't hate on my Rockets….lol

john smithie says:

good to see love sometimes

SinFreely says:

🤣🤣🤣 Harden!

Bas Koning says:

Helping runners? Disqualify for race.

John Demont says:

To me it depends on the bad vs. the good to determine if I even want to know. Probably not a good idea to keep running on a pulled hamstring.

s mcb says:

These video's are keeping me hopeful in stange, unprecedented times.x Hero's don't always wear capes.. a pair of trainers/sneakers from your idol is just as powerful.😍👟

kayden stegman says:

anyone else catch the track girls falling with the backround music shit cracked me up.

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