Real Madrid vs Man City 3-1 Thierry Henry Go Crazy unbelievable COMEBACK 🔥 Final vs Liverpool HD

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Real Madrid vs Man City 3-1 Thierry Henry Go Crazy unbelievable COMEBACK 🔥 Final vs Liverpool HD
Real Madrid vs Man City
Real Madrid

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Bheki Kriel says:

Carragher is a clown, the nonsense he spews is straight out from the dumpsite.

KingGlo1017 says:

These guys cant put their pride to the side and congratulate Madrid lmfao. Clowns


Who is that jamie guy stupid as fuck! All clowns . Henry sounds sensible though

James Blake says:

Its so satisfying to watch this back 🤣🤣🤣 English "pundits" are pathetic

Audio Videando says:

While others talk, Real Madrid wins.

Gedalie Arnedo says:

We saw what you watched..only that,We ,Madridista just keep collecting UCL trophies 🏆 ..others ,just keep on whining.

Sultan Mahmud says:

These commentators are completely boring to hear.

AblatemOfficial says:


Milton Julio says:

Absolutely no chance

Dead Stroke says:

Tbh what makes mane a ballon dor contender

Steven Alen says:

That commentator on 🍆

Gabbe Ferngren says:


B Zilla says:

Peter should stop with his biased bs, United weren't close to being the best club in the world when they won it, and he's so overhyped as a GK. Where does it come from? How did United best Bayern? In the same way Real Madrid did, what a moron pushing the English media agenda🤣🤣🤣

Johnny Villa says:

As a FCB fan, I dislike both teams, but I was going for Liverpool. I still bet $100 on Madrid, because even I know, you can’t bet against Madrid in a UCL final.

If Liverpool won, I would be glad bc Madrid lost.
But since Madrid won, I won $210.

I chose a win – win scenario.

Soumik Modak says:

You don't associate the word "poor" with Real Madrid.. It is the greatest club of all time.. A team full of youngsters and some champions league legends pulled of champions league.. It's possible because the carry the batch in their chest.. And Real Madrid are rebuild phase.. In few years time we will pull of another champions league hat-trick.. Just wait and see.. Hala Madrid

Evgeni Dimitrov says:

Peter Schmeichel complaining about lucky comeback is the silliest thing EVER!

Frank Pfau says:

peter talks like a fan in a pub, not like a professional who knows what football can be…

Joby Jose says:

They don't understand football anymore because they are biased

Carlos Arana says:

It's like Toretto said, it doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning……

Rishabh Shahi says:

Salah definitely got his revenge💯

M fafal Mbuya says:

Which right are talking about are right to say that english funs us we take a chance a game is the end we don't have possession but is to win

Gabriel Negongo says:

"Realmadrid ah ah ah ah"😂😂😂

Nicholas Alonso says:


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