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Joshua with Heaven's Best Carpet CleaningLLC says:

That kicker on the Seahawks is a puss!!

Wayne A. W. says:

Dag boi! Janikowski (drafted at No.#17), the second-remaining football player still active from the 2000 NFL Draft with Tom Brady (No.#199), was like: "Oh crap, lemme get OUT OF THE WAY so this opponent can go score his TD." Grounds for firing, wouldn't ya say? lol SMH

Andre Mitchell says:

One of Sarasota's finest 💯 #Riverviewproduct

Eric Matterson says:

Worst effort by a kicker to tackle since the first Dolphins Redskins SB

Robert Gollnick says:

richie rich

Daedra Tober says:


Robert Gibby says:

woooo!!! that additional gear though

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