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Robert Whittaker speaks with ESPN MMA’s Phil Murphy after losing to Israel Adesanya in the main event of UFC 243. Whittaker breaks down how things went well for him early, but credits Adesanya’s craftiness, and ultimately says that he got caught.


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Timmy says:


winslow wong says:

This confirms adesanya was in robs head.

Jay B says:

Dont understand a lot of these big fights lately.

Watch adesanyas first ufc fight and look at the build and skill set of Robert… but just tried to strike and blindly leaping in against a big long sniper.

high fields says:

Adesanya can be beaten his over rated
You just need to wrestle him down or attack him with fury

Iye_witness says:

Of course you lose with taht horrible game plan. Kickbox a kickboxer with 72-5 record. Just wrestle, even Tavares took Adesanya down

TheJaso13 says:

Rob is a champion fighter and bloke, can't wait to see him fight again. Keep your chin up champ

MuscleFreak says:

This is what makes you a real Champion! When you come back, come back strong and hungry! Stay focus & humble mate. 🙂

Guns n Wheels says:

He will never get another shot at the title, especially if they make him fight Costa next. The only way he gets another shot is if he gets another fight against like Cannonier or the winner of Till and Gastelum. If he wins that he will get the winner of Adesanya vs Costa. Can't forget Yoel in there either. Regardless his track back is difficult and his chin has definitely degraded since his wars with Romero. He is my favorite middleweight champion of all time. Cheer mate.

The Metal says:

Rob is awesome, love that guy. Looking forward to his comeback💯

Richard Martin says:

Robert was the aggressor he was caught several times by precise shots by Israel, to me robert won by controlling the round Israel was more countering Robert pushing forward bringing the fight

Jlf Portoes says:

He is up to come back With all skills and change everything . He is able to get over and be the one , number one again !

Robert Simpson says:

Hahaha!! All of these dummies in the comments saying Rob was talking trash are obviously casual fans who didn't watch the pre-fight interviews and press conferences.

Feyi Joseph says:

"when i saw him Dancing i wanted to hit him more"
-Thats where he lost the fight, took hate and emotion to fight a man who was ready to float like a butterfly

David Bow Wow says:

Great Fighter not sure why he starting throwing crazy punches.

1 2 says:

Such a great guy. Looking forward to his next matchup

Miguel Ismail says:

There’s no reason to get upset … adensaya outclassed u mate!

cyb3rtiger says:

How heartbreaking was that loss bro, I wish he moved his head in different directions off of the center line. He moved it off the line but he dipped right every single time. Those haymakers 100% were destined to K0 Israel but he was able to lean away each time.

I truly think rob doesn’t need to wrestle to beat Izzy but his entrances were too telegraphed

Ali Lifa says:

Come back stronger brother

Rodina Rodina says:

Your still champion to me…. Hope you come back soon… God bless you

Rueben B. says:

f@!k Adesanya! Good fighter, sure, no doubt! but Whittaker is what a true champion is. respect in wins and defeats. Humble. Never a show boating POS!!! The show boating & disrespect in fighting and in life in general, I cannot stand! Do you really need to act like an asshole to get yourself pumped up for a fight?! Do you have to continue to act like an asshole even after you have defeated your opponent?! I dont buy PPV's to see who settled the war of words. If anything, I DON"T buy the PPV's because of certain fighters. Love the sport! Love the fights(boxing,mma) but sick of all the disrespectful B.S. to either sell a fight or just because these athletes are just asshole human beings. I hope Robert Whittaker can make a strong comeback and regain his crown. True Champ! Much respect.

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