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Robert Whittaker returns to Submission Radio to discuss Israel Adesanya’s win over Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 236: Holloway vs. Poirier 2, what he learned about Israel, the war they had and Kelvin being able to land strikes, why he believes Kelvin is the tougher test for him, Israel’s verbal jabs at him and calling him a “Mozzie”, expecting the Israel fight to be over quick, fighting in an Australian stadium, wanting Jon Jones at light heavyweight, UFC media duties and fight promotion, anime and Dragon Ball Z characters, never watching fights, his return and recovery from his surgeries, and more!

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Top Troop says:

Yeah I didn't talk that much shit did I face head ass yeah and by the way Israel's been into anime if that's what y'all call it🇳🇬¿¿¿

Maciej Ornoch says:

I love these slavic aussies.

Alchemy says:

Robert just seems to be totally honest and level headed. Refreshing.

Ruben Soto says:

Israel power is not all there

Fresh Fowkz says:

baki the grappler? holy shit whittaker has taste

rli97 says:

It's simple, I hear Dragon Ball being referenced, I give a like and share

Jonathan Velder says:

Now I know why Israel is all butthurt , the guy can't take any criticism at all , it's like a big baby . And It is impossible to hate this guy. I have a feeling he's going to put a whooping on that skinny little dude

Jacky T says:

Best channel on mma. Congrats folks. Soubd sucks today though fellas.. channel out

David Sretenovic says:

Awesome interview. You guys are pros 👌

Rod Rook Davies says:

We love Robert around here Israel doesn’t have a chance ko 2d round🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👍🎸😎

Leo John C.Guinid says:

Maaaan lot's of UFC fighters love anime it's hilarious! (And awesome)

wadellz says:

He just loves going to war. There's a reason his favorite character in dbz was brolly because of the intense anger. Just watch his entrances. It's the calm and quiet ones you've gotta watch out for because they're masters of hiding the internal rage.

Theron Nelson says:

Israel adesanya is a fake Nigerian he doesn't live there you can't represent Nigeria if he's not living there he is fake

CKMLMA8 says:

Yoel would give Jones problems at 205

Eric Challender says:

Whittaker/ Jones that one I would definitely watch.

over opinionated says:


Prince Of Nile Valley says:

I don't mean to cause controversy, but a fake mosi is saying you don't really support your other side. However, Adesenya can't be a fake because Afrikans were around the world way before most Countries were formed. Therefore, an Afikan be a native to ANY COUNTRY!!

Francisco Reyes says:

Robert is an anime head? So conflicted on rooting for him or isreal now >_<

Sinclair Sweet Science says:

Izzy hype train bout to come to a halt, levels to the game, and Izzy ain’t on Roberts yet, one day, but not yet

Tabom Tatak says:

A guy who beat a fighter like Romero twice can beat anyone easily.

TruBlackness Afrikkka says:

If he really thinks he's going to walk through adesanya he's an idiot and I like Whittaker. Gastelum is a more rounded fighter then he is honestly so it will be interesting

TranscendentalTunes says:

After seeing Gastelum vs Adesanya, I think Rob defends his belt again. Adesanya proved how game and how dangerous he is though

Ginn N. Juice says:

Mozzie is a maori who is not a maori or dont act like one that lives and loves Australia

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