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I consider it a high iq play if the certain player makes a rare/creative/smart/outplay/fake moves that enables him to have an advantage past his defender

This video is about Russell Westbrook s insane handles, fakes, crossovers, ankle breakers, finishes, 3 pointers, crafty layups, fancy passes, offball movement, 2 pointers, jumpshots, buzzer beaters, game winners, alley oops, lob passes, self alley oops, creative plays, ouplays, clutch shots, posterizers, veteran plays, streetball moves, High IQ plays, defense, steal, block etc. All in a 10 minute highlight compilation moments mix. XD


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a0ne b says:

patiently waiting for a rajon rondo one

Duy Hoang says:

most underrated passer =))))

Andrew Rispoli says:


Kkab Yul Jjang says:

Westbrook vs KD Finals

Kika Neddall says:

The Mejor !!!!!!!

Kendra Gaines says:

he needs that handle back!!

mr ghostdog says:

You cannot use Russ and IQ in the same sentence

Ilir Lajcaj says:

Lmao, if Westy had Basketball IQ … He’d be the best player ever.

dwayne carter says:

Russ a beast….. other players still can't figure out how he average a triple double.

tehui says:

Going to be real interesting to see how Westbrook and Lebron play with each other. I hope they figure out how to get the best out of each other. Some of the analysts are writing them off.

Joselito Magat says:

Welcome home brodie💪💜💛

Boldoo Munkhuu says:

0:33 you can see he’s getting rebound while he is on fastbreak 😂😂

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