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Scared Straight | Cheerleaders Season 7 EP 9

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Blake goes in for a checkup to get an update on his latest injuries. Meanwhile, both teams buck up as the begin learning their new pyramid.
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Cheerleaders features the very best of the best cheerleading squads who compete in All Star Cheerleading. These teams are fighting to the finish to win at events such as, The Champions League, NCA and World Championships. Who will reign supreme? Watch this exciting docu-series featuring The California All Stars to find out!

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Eddie: https://instagram.com/smoedcoach,
Orby: https://instagram.com/orbyorta,

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Created by: Autumn deVitry
Supervising Producer: Tara Cole
Line Producer: Sean Saley
Editors: Zack Wilson
Director of Photography: Kevin Castro
Cam Op: Ben Hecht


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