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The Ooze has been destroying all of the town’s shapes. Can Karate Elmo save the day?

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Justin Kim says:

5:33 Illuminati confirmed

Yojiroh Farrel Freeman says:


Juju Swag says:



yechiel black says:

I'm offended by this 😉

Amar gaming 378 iseni says:

That sound was good

Gamingwithvigge 1 says:

I love Sesame Street Elmo is so cute ;3

Gamingwithvigge 1 says:

I love Elmo

Jur2225 says:

top 10 anime showdowns

Gamingwithvigge 1 says:

I will keep this video until I get kids so I can show them it

John Gutierrez says:

Square triangle urambus that what is the shape of things

John Gutierrez says:

THANKS FOR Doing the shape cuz my baby sister will know it thanks Elmo my sister favorite movie is this thanks so much…I love all your movies to hop hop chop chop chop hop hop chop chop chop
The btw the arumbus I can't spell

John Gutierrez says:


Dj Gaming Voyager says:

Today, I met Elmo when I was trying to teach the piano. It was rare, but I'm a little too old for Elmo.

Melinda Buell says:

Calm down, Aku

Scott Miyashiro says:

I love this episode so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ but who is ammo?….. I mean Elmo's voice? Bee tee dubs, double hop and triple chop happiness today on the phone ? people ???????? yeah I really mean it, people! Hop hop! Chop chop chop!!!!!!! ????????I'm telling you people! ???

Antonio McCrary says:

Keep dfl
I go Trey

Diana Discua says:

seria increíble que también incluyeran los videos en español, mi hijo los ama!!!

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