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See brilliant goalkeepers defeat attack and counterattack.

Witness the bananashot of the ages. 🙂



Kares Tazi says:

افلامك خيالية

Türk Team says:

fuutbool anlayışınızı sikim

Aa Aa says:

Very good man????????????

lIlIlIlIlI lIlIlIlIlI says:

Real Madrid couldnt do better

Aiii Donkey says:

0:12 when you try to think what 1 Plus 1 is

Blade FTR says:

"Fuck a goal let's aim for the Keeper"

Raim Bendson says:

Why did they don't kick to the ball? Why they kick to man?

Peter Daniel says:

Damn this was uploaded in 2006

It's GlitcherJoe says:

0:46 FUS RO DA!!!

Darko Balog says:

Fakke video mada faka

Isaura Gpe Marrujo says:

Esta pelicula es una mierda editada en los dos sentidos alv

ちゃん猫 says:


ジンオウガ先輩 says:


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