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Softball Stereotypes. Love ’em or hate ’em, we all know ’em.
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RUSSIA says:

Pyros origin story.

Jezelle Gastelum says:

I knew I never like old people

Kidsinthemicrowave says:

christina aguilera

Sam Plautz says:

13-0 is nothing. When my little league team went to the playoffs, we lost every game by at least 21-0

Sam Plautz says:

I was always a nervous nelly, mainly cause I'm left handed. I swear I got hit once every 2 to 3 games cause right handers just couldn't avoid leftys

Forthelaughs says:

The old guy I dont see anymore bring him back xd

Xxaarmstrong RulezxX says:

I got to say I am the nervous nelly because one of my practices I got hit in the face and walked it off for the day, I then proceeded to get hit below the belt from a fly ball, hit in the hand, and then the back, just to say I’ve been hit by a lot of baseballs in my day

Way Brown says:

On the rage monster they coincidentally had a flamethrower chilling in the back?

boyblader forever says:

I'm slides a lot what one are you guys

Ella Bella says:

You should have an cheer stereo type

THC Lion says:

If you watching after this you’ll now what I mean rip 0018

Lacey Somers says:

im not doing well in baseball.This is a great inspiration video, and funny

Chibuikem Ubesie says:

Such an american sport

YT-Kobzarm says:

I’m gonna have to live with my girlfriends parents!!!

Yongin Caridi says:

I play softball

vishnu kancharla says:

I am sad that there is no Rage Monster 😭😭😭

Behind The Curtain says:

I'm really upset that these are also accurate oh no

Mackenzie Miller says:

Garrett shall live to regret

lilglayglay Sub says:

They don't get paid enough

Dyl ANders says:

Comment stereotypes
:60% of the comments kobe Bryant of soft ball
30%of the comments you said we were playing soft ball these thing are hard as a rock
10%this comment

Micah Shupert says:

2020, How dare you offend Kobe?!

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