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Hear from Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, defenders Victor Lindeloff & Harry Maguire and goalscorer Bruno Fernandes as a 2-0 win Leicester City confirmed third place in the Premier League

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zero zero says:

please buy sanco, harves, joe gomez sell fred, lingard, andreas, mata, jones, smalling, romero, lee grant baily take back henderson

soiung toiue says:

Above Chelsea as well. ESPN FC on suicide watch.

bcvbb hyui says:

ONCE A RED ALWAYS A RED Johnny Evans, I'm looking at you.

vbddfy euuyt says:

ONCE A RED ALWAYS A RED Johnny Evans, I'm looking at you.

yasio bolo says:

Lingard finally scored I’m very proud of him Hope he can revive his career

eioshen boboi says:

How is Bruno saying "I like the pressure" 😂😂

Hell Fridge says:

That bruno answer was smth else!

thinking_about_figures says:

I really like this squad. I haven’t felt this way in years. The whole mood around the team has changed.

Victor Nyaga says:

Ole's voice at 0:02 lol

J3nax says:

So nice to see that Lindelof just gets better and better

Marcella Mc Entee says:

Imagine betting that lingard won't score all season and does in last second

Black Eyebrows says:

You know hero always came late, that's what happened to Lingardinho

Nicolas Diane says:

Bruno smiling as he says "I love the pressure" is THE Man United mentality!

Narahari Baral says:

Once a red always a red @manish baral

Cường Phạm says:

hàng phòng ngự của mu sao nó mong manh quá

Rey Matsubi says:

pochettino please

A Bhardwaj says:

A great player and now a super cool manager .

A Tiny Horse says:

Lindelof had to save Matic’s and Maguire’s mistakes.

MuhsinTB -Brawl Stars says:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The DigBick says:

Harry is so underrated, he never put that price on his head and he has been solid, even the best make mistakes look at Virgil he has been shaky at times

Manchester United says:

Can’t wait for match centre

Dhyan DK says:

Can we win Europa League??

Dhyan DK says:

Do we need Sancho??

Daz Knight says:

Victor’Keith Lemon’ Lindelof


Buy More Defender Center Defender Left Wing Defender N Defensive Midfielder 👍🏽👍🏽

I like ben 10 So what? says:

Why does it say reds win it’s Red Devil’s

O O says:

post match interview: yeah…uh…uhm.. so yeah

uchibenkei says:

3rd is not a massive achievement, but it's a step in the right direction.

Ian Gray says:


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