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Spiderman Basketball – Episode 6 ft Deadpool

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Episode #6
‘Who is Spider-man?’

The buzz is at an all time high! Not only New York City but the entire world wants to know the true identity of Spider-man. It’s been speculated and often debated who it is. Meanwhile, Spiderman has an unexpected visitor during his workout at a court just outside the city. Stay tuned, as this episode only shows the action about to heat up…

Music/Basketball Beats/Soundtrack – Bboy Wicket
Beat Site: Bboywicketbeats.com
Instagram: @Bboywicket

Instagram: @Globalhooper
Facebook: /Professorlive
Twitter: @Professor12

Producer/Director Contact:
Robert ‘SetFree’ Monroe
Instagram: @IAMSETFREE
Facebook: /IamSetFree

* This is Spiderman Basketball Part 6. We’ve now changed Part to Episode, because these will be a regular thing and episodic. Not just a series that ends sometime soon.


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