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Stereotypes: Baseball

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We are SweetSpotSquad and this is a video about the different Baseball Stereotypes. You will find these different Types of Baseball Players in every single team. Here are the different stereotypes presented in the video :

The No Communication Guys
The Can’t Slide Guy
The Short Tempered Coach
The No Clue Guy
The Leaner
Mr. Excuses
The Too Confident Show Off Guy
The Dirty First Base Guy
The Handshake Guys
The Scared Of The Ball Guy
The Switch Pitcher VS The Switch Hitter

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Savage Bros says:

0:07 If Patrick Kane And Jonathan Toews Played Baseball Together

Reading Twinz says:

0:17 that looks like the guy for howtoprankitup

Julian Khi says:

Hey SweetSpotSquad you guys should do basketball stereotypes

Bellas life says:

Can you put in a rage monster

Jasper Spencer says:

Pitch sense occasion friend airline spiritual since survey gap cow.

BASEBALL4_lyfe0619 says:

The kid that always ask for divers

Adrian Velazquez says:

Gay bobsssss

OverClash Gaming says:

Are you Quebecois?

Freak129 says:

Baseball: a sport i cant understand


Where in Canada do they live
What province

Fire lord 27 says:

0:33 ball not a Strike

Your NombreHere14 says:


Legal Trippy says:

this is hilarious

Harry Potter says:

1:11 I guess that's base stealing…

Okay I'll leave

Ennard Reacts says:

The old Astros logo on the helmets

PittyPensFanAndy123 says:

Stereotypes gamers

Susan Mars says:

This is one of my favorites because instead of just 2 or 3 people in the video, they had a whole team with different uniforms, so it looked so real. Just if they people in the bleachers. How did you guys make the jerseys? They're pretty cool.

aidmar11 says:

why is a blue jays coach caoching the astros or yankees 1:30

Abraham Terry says:

He actually stole 1st base, Wow!

VanillaWilla says:

MCC trick shots totally copied them with the bunt thing and everything else

Матвей Сизиков says:

Here in Russia baseboll isn't popular and I saw this game only in films. So I dont understand ruls yet, even reading it doesnt help(((( Frog Pepe face

John Sweat says:

If you're gonna do something sports related, at least be athletic.

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz says:

Pulling a Wally backman at 1:05

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