This is an activity based on the famous YouTubers, Dude Perfect’s All Sports Golf Battle video. This is a cumulative activity that incorporates all different sport skills into one lesson.
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The kids attended Jared’s Epic Nerf Battle 4, also know as World largest Nerf Battle. We met Dude perfect and had a blast with all the Fortnite characters. – – – – – – – [More]
Nerf Dude Perfect Flying Disc is a super fast high flying disk for outdoor play! Flexible disc for summer time fun. Textured disc that makes it easy to grip. Light weight and flexible for maximum [More]
The Dyches Kids test out their Ping Pong Trick Shot skills with the NEW Nerf Sports Dude Perfect Hoverkup Game! Do you guys love Dude Perfect? Let us know in the comments below! Check out [More]
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#freeproduct Hasbro sent us for free the nerf sports dude perfect hoverkup. Watch happyfamily1004 play games and do some trick shots. It comes with 2 hoverkups, 6 balls, cord, tensioner and instructions. Other Channels: HappyFamily1004 [More]
Gavin from reviews the Dude Perfect Signature Bow and Arrow from NERF. Check out his review and his Dude Perfect inspired No-Look Trickshot! Buy NERF Dude Perfect Signature Bow on Amazon: SUBSCRIBE for [More]
We tried playing a Dude Perfect All Sports Golf Battle! Kyle, Connor, Mills, and Tim compete to see who can make it to the gaga ball pits in the fewest strokes! Like and subscribe for [More]
TOP 5 VIDEOS (ft. All Sports Golf Battle 2 | Dude Perfect) – Best videos of the week REACTION – Best videos – Blasting INAPPROPRIATE Songs in the Library PRANK (IN PUBLIC) – Jake Paul [More]
Scott unboxes the Nerf Sports Dude Perfect Signature Bow. Now I get to be Dude Uncoordinated! Buy it on Amazon: SUBSCRIBE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: SVB GREATEST HITS: Want an in-show shout [More]
Today we reacted to Dude Perfect and the All Sports Golf Battle looks really fun to do. #5k #Dude Perfect #Reaction Original video: Like And Subscribe Turn ON THAT BELL!!! Jay Social Media: Twitter: [More]
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Dude Perfect PerfectSmash Football game from Nerf Sports! Throw the Nerf foam football to hit the target and score points! The target has a removable center that pops out when hit! We had a great [More]
READ THE DESCRIPTION, IT’S GOT A TON OF INFO DOWN THERE! (▼No, seriously; scroll down or hit, “Show More”▼) Amazon Link: Use this link to purchase your blasters and help the channel: Music [More]
This Toy is Great for Kids to Practice Dude Perfect Trick Shots!
Item provided by Nerf Sports for review Butch and I were ready to play this game! The HoverKup from Nerf Sports and Dude Perfect are a new and unique game using cups that move around [More]
Could you escape the DUDE PERFECT CORN MAZE!?! Special thanks to Nerf for sponsoring this video!! Click HERE to get your own Nerf Blaster! ► Thanks for subscribing! – Music by Ryan Innes: [More]
It’s trick shot time with Chris Paul and Aaron Rodgers! ►Powered by State Farm | Check out both Chris and Aaron’s charities below! ►The Chris Paul Family Foundation: ►The MACC Fund: Play our [More]
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Dude Perfect Radio, your main source for all Dude Perfect music. We Are Leo’s song Fire Inside You from Dude Perfect’s Snow Sports Battle. Snow Sports Battle: Dude Perfect: We Are Leo: Twitter: [More]
Hey guys! We decided to make another baseball stereotypes video because a lot of you seemed to like the first one. The semi-final which is Anthony vs. Diego will be out next week, so stay [More]
Dude Perfect Baseball Trick Shot Parody
This video was uploaded a day ago by “Dude Perfect”, but I like it. video of Dude Perfect:
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Head back to the snow for JR Dude Perfect’s very FIRST video! Music by The Score: ► Click HERE to download “Unstoppable” by The Score – ► Click HERE to listen on Spotify! – [More]
DIZZY SPORTS BATTLE!!! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE AWESOME VIDEOS!!! THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!! That was super fun to make!! I love the Dude Perfect video so I figured we would make our own!! Thanks for the [More]