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Tai Chi vs Boxing. Tai Chi Chuan or Tai Ji Quan is the Grand Ultimate Fist! Like any martial art it is meant for self defense and/or fighting! But, today most practice Tai Chi for health. How does Tai Chi Stack up against Boxing??? Check out these moves…..

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Gdx Gdx says:

Ha ha
Only when oponent stay still

Knight Night says:

If u know Tai Chi u will have an advantage over those who do not, fact. So, say that Tai Chi can be useful!! However, never claim that you can use it in a real fight against someone who knows some boxing!!!

Antonio Taylor says:

3:40 When a horse sneeze

Klaus Kuplen says:

Thai chi is excellent … gymnastics. Please stop teaching it for fighting.

MefistO Gamer says:

No real, experienced master would advise to go in with your had against, even begginer boxer lol.

Mr Mr says:

Jake you are an absolute insult to martial arts If you are ever in the UK London – message me. You are more of a danger to any suckers who believe your defence style(s) . You have probably hurt more people who watch your vids and then try to defend and get smashed up. Now . Tai Chi is a good martial art it really is …As a form it's relaxing calming etc. And I'm down with that side of martial arts as well so stick to just sticking to teaching Tai Chi forms. Because what you are doing here and in your other BS video is stupid and a danger to anyone who thinks this will save them in a fight. Trust me been studying martial arts from the age of 4 and I am 32 now. And been in many street fights (not clever I know). And I'm not the hardest person out there but when I see this fake bad teaching it is an insult. You are a POSER

Constructive Cuntery says:

This is really dangerous you should just tell people to be less confrontational.

Julio Hsu Chu says:

the man in the video is just doing slowly a basic movement so that may seen like a joke, but in the real there are a lot of movement that isn't limited, i mean basically Tai chi is a free style. You practice the slow to fast, slow because in Tai chi you never atack first , so first you observe the enemy carefully and wait the opposite come to atack you then make him to lost balance or miss the atack after you just atack with the maximum power like explosion!

Ninja Hombrepalito says:

You know how, as a martial artist, you beat a boxer?… WITH KICKS!!!

xanthromera says:

Joe Rogan is watching this clip pissing himself.

Rajdeep Naik says:

Fuck you jakeMace. you shameless, fake crap selling, piece of shit!!!

Steve Cousins says:

Jake you are such a phony.

Ryan Taylor says:

You’re gonna get someone killed teaching this bullshit. A boxer would absolutely destroy you. Go into a boxing gym and do this shit.

Josh Ramz says:

This guy's form shows he is a beginner in Tai Chi, no fluency, no skeletal correctness, no focused direction of energy
I feel sorry for these guys they've been trained by someone who is no master, and have a massive false sense of security,
A boxer has absolutely no chance against a true Tai Chi master, Tai Chi moves with 2 hands and can move much faster and with more direct power
Sadly there are not many Masters around you have to really search and you must train with them for 8 years before you really even get started
The world today seems to prefer instant gratification

Giovanni Ramirez says:

Recuerda que el boxeador resiste golpes esquibo el jab pero el boxeador le puede lanzar el hook y muchos mas combinaciones ya estando serca y sin guardia el oponente ko

EmilTG says:

U still need a follow up man.. what do u do when he throws the second and third punch xD

vascular says:

Are you fucking kidding me !!!!
Its for kids ! Or that guy must be crazy! Or want. To mame some Easy money!!
Folks it doesnt Work in real life !!!!

Josh Howe says:

What a fucking joke, a novice boxer would destroy this guy.

Jay Tamayo says:

That shaking (Fa Jing) – did I sell that right? 🙂 is shown in Tai Chi Master or Twin Warriors of Jet Li. Maybe you could add that in this or other video.

Peter Počaji says:

Do a real spar you fag

Miro S says:

The Things this Guy is doing are surely good for health and wellbeing. but to any Person that has grounded experience in martial Art it is evident that These teqniques will never Work in a real live Situation. I really consider to this Guy to Go to a boxing Gym and try this to ANY skilled Boxer in full contact sparring and filming it. but he will never so this because it would crush a big lie…im sure even if He would figth without gloves and all His teqniques allowed The Boxer would Knock him Out quickly…

V E G A l 周囲 says:

thus guy is an asshole, he puted that boxer's link in the bottom of the description

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