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β–· In this KYSTAR video you will see the 10 greatest football world records. The 10 greatest world records in the history of football. The best football records. Unbelievable and amazing football records. Guinness world of records football edition. (sport)

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List of Football Records:
1. Fastest goal ever scored
2. Furthest own goal
3. Fastest football sprint
4. Longest goalkeeper throw
5. Longest throw-in
6. Furthest overhead kick goal
7. Furthest free kick goal
8. Most yellow cards in a career
9. Most red cards in a career
10. Most red cards in a match




KYSTAR says:

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Lord Fluffykinz says:

Which player has had the most inanimate objects thrown at him on the pitch?

QPRTokyo says:

Scored not converted.

Es_ap_st GAMES Studio. says:

3:40. That was a red card day.

Es_ap_st GAMES Studio. says:

As for Ramos, if it's not bookings then I don't know what else the record.

Martin Fraser says:

Sorry, but most of these records are completely wrong.

Kayan Varsani says:

ypur the guy from TIKTOK!

True Stars says:

Liverpool comeback against Barcelona (0-3) = (4-3)

helmet bo.y says:

more videos like this

Aiden Piolunek says:

2:52 that ref went off

Sandeep Biswas says:

Ref was Oprah in disguise. Handing out red cards to everyone.
You get a card. You get a card.
Everyone gets a card!!!

El Greco says:

Male Oprah YOU get a red card, YOU get a red card, EVERYONE GET'S A RED CAAAARD! =D

Bikram Singh says:

Today in indian super League Aridane Santana scored two goals in one minute (56th)

Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV says:

"I always wished to be better than Sergio Ramos. And now, I have a world record…"
– Gerardo Bedoya

Alter Ego says:

Ramos is here

Masoud Hosseini says:

So where is (ali daei)… He scored 109 goal in national team…. He is best


Bedoya should have been banned for life after that second kick on the opponent lying down, embellishment or not.

Also going to guess that the 10 red cards match was a match that ended in a big brawl or something.

hluphlip says:

No most impressive 9 minutes in football history by Lewandowski = dislike the video.

Amelia Thomanson says:

Gerardo Bedoya πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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