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The Amazing Spiderman – Basketball Scene HD

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The Amazing Spiderman – Basketball Scene
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09873648400018749ow says:

XD good profil image

Bhadru Naik says:
..its..unknown shopping mall store… Low cost and..more benefit… So..u can create a vedio..and…inform to..everybody

Wendigo Dragon says:

Okay, I get that Flash is supposed to be a jerk, but to be fair, that was more her fault than his. Why would you paint something during a pickup game on the gym floor with an open bucket of paint right next to it?


Just give him the ball stop showing off already???

Sleepy xb says:

Travel tho LoL

UnicornsRØCK !!!!!!! says:

Peter is the same guy who played Desmond doss in hacksaw ridge

Chris Rivera says:

And that boys and girls is why you should drink your milk everyday

Rahil H says:

That was for nothing (Travel)

timmyfung01 says:

This is why Tobey Maguire is the better Spider-Man for me, Peter Parker do have a fast mouth sometimes, but he is not one that will pull stunts at this magnitude as Peter Parker, and most of the time, he doesn't become a bigger dick than others.

Katy Llanten says:

Cual de spiderman es esta?

Dawn Ramos says:

Omg I didn’t know Thad castle played b-ball

wired gang says:

Damn son what can you jump to the moon with that jump

NitricFuZion says:

the fattest travel ever

Gimme De Tiddy says:

Beyond Micheal Jordan.

Mr Coconut 1324 says:

1:40 Lebron ?

Glenn Cajustin says:

He almost traveled

dylan ginther says:

It was cool until the dunk. The dunk was too cheesy

infinite hawkins says:

I see Parker #ballislife

RippedFlesh909 says:

Biggest travel in basketball history.

randeer singh says:

Should have gotten the professor for this scene to make it realistic

Adarsh Pandey says:

This Spiderman is my favourite

Jewlz Cartagena says:

Yeah, this isn't suspicious at all.

xxsasuke1015 says:

Thats what you call comes great power comes great iresponsibility

sebastian moran says:

How tf was is on purpose. You can’t control the direction of the ball when blocking a shot

hohoyun says:

He ran the guy over with his shoulder in a one on one game and think it's so cool, what a dick


I can see Joey Crawford skipping over now

EGcrazyhair Gonzalez says:

Amazing Spiderman was gud…R.I.P. Andrew made me a real Spiderman fan

VitalKing says:

He sucks ass he traveled like 6 steps

意志自由 says:

best spiderman movie

android Gamer says:

What is name of this movie??

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