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The Evolution Of Gloves | ESPN Archives

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(January 17, 2015) Jim Trotter takes you through the history and evolution of NFL gloves.

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Teddy Lemon says:

intro was corny ashit

Robert Martinez says:

Jerry rice had gloves sprayed with stickum that's why Randy Moss will always be my favorite wr

Uncle Quack says:

Two things are going on before I ride my motorcycle, a Helmet and Gloves if you ever dropped a motorcycle without gloves on your hands are torn up gloves are a must have for grip and a safety aspect of course long pants and boots I cringe when I see some newbie riding in shorts and flip flops yeah its cool until a dog runs in front of you or whatever.

JagSTR Guy says:

Keep your hands n fingers from getting cut up

Jason Hart says:

Worst video for the evolution of NFL gloves ever! How do you not start with the classic Neumanns and progress through each evolution of the glove and call it an evolution of the glove video.


Antonio Brown doesn’t need gloves anymore

Murphy08 says:

What would Steve Largent say about this video?

Ben McDevitt says:

I mean, oj had the best gloves

2010realitycheck says:

A whole video about the evolution of gloves in the NFL and not one mention of Neumann tackified gloves that everyone wore in the 80's?

dventy says:

Every person they interviewed either don’t play anymore or are on a different team.

Gerardo Mendez says:

So was Jerry Cheated WOW what has life come too

Fashooga says:

I remember years ago Nike has these th lives that looked like tire treads. They were so good…if they got dirty you wiped them off and they were good as new.

walking deadly says:

So they use gloves to catch the ball wow

Hater Hurdler says:

Jerry would’ve got shat on in today’s league

JKkonk says:

300th comment ooooooooo I’m soooo coool

SheffRudyTKE says:

I never wore gloves in high school. When my coached asked me why.
I told him God did not give me hands so I can wear gloves.

Potacos The Meme says:

What would 2017 AB think about 2019 AB


“yeah i used stick’em” “man if i had the gloves these dudes have today”

shborp shmleg says:

Worst host ever

Amario Alexander says:

I broke my finger trying to catch the ball with out gloves and I learned my lesson to use gloves

שלמה בן יהודה ישראל says:

For those who think this is cheating more than stickem you suffer from dementia

Cam says:

1:04 To all the people who think today’s gloves are better who make them self’s look extremely stupid.

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