The Most HEARTWARMING moment in Sports HISTORY!

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Aegon says:

A hypocritical hug doesn't mean anything.

Giselle Rahman says:

But it was a skit from jimmy kimmel 😭

Norma From LA says:

Wow…………I felt this deep under my ancestors roots. Que hizo mi Paiza to be ignored like that? Smh

HandsomeCR0501 says:

Nobody cares bro

your too slow says:

LeBron James is. Goof

Lucifer the Morning 🌟 says:

You should called him nigga and replace your salad with banana.. Then he will respond with you.. Cheap people

Issac Salas says:

LeBron James so bad at school

gael avalos says:


Curious Caboodle says:

Stupid video…

Melyssa Caballero says:

F him! You don't treat people like that.

Red Pancake says:

Rick and Morty Funny Moments check it out if you have time, Thank you

Slime wonderland 🤪 says:

Huh what’s the heartwarming part?

the end of the start says:

Maybe leave him the fuck alone

Whatgrinds mygears? says:

It's not heartwarming that Le Bron is only nice to him when ppl take notice

Blackman says:

If he don’t like him he don’t like him🤷🏿‍♂️, he’s a grown man😂

Realizm says:

Average L from lebron

Sana Ambreen Adnan says:

I am crying 😢 😭

Kyle Dotson says:

He will deceive everyone on live TV. Just like a dirty politician.

baba gaga says:

This makes me sad for the reporter also lebron is only “good” on live tv it makes me mad that he cant just be nuce in real life to

ʏᴜᴋɪ_ᴇᴅɪᴛs🤓☝️ says:

This breaks my heart because he looks like my uncle and he recently passed so it breaks my heart seeing people treating him like this💔

K says:

I’am gonna cry tchip

Chizuru Mizuhara says:

More like heartbreaking

Patrick🏀P🎮 says:

He only hugged him cuz people were watching

Xavier Arrington says:

Lebron James 🧑🏾💛💜

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