The most heartwarming moments in history ❤️

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Saul Velazquez says:

El último me ISO llorar 😭😭😭😭

The game wiz says:

Boston is the best team

I’m legit subbing to anyone who subs to me says:

The last one was Dustin Broooooo

Digicatt says:

That little boy is an old man at heart lmao

Dave Notti says:

Und das sind Helden, wenigstens wegen dem Ruhm abgehoben

Gerdy the grey says:

Smart way to sell drugs

Mr mk 420 says:

I cried for 3 minutes

ChuckTheDuck11 says:

What was the first one

Fernandapsouza Souza says:

O segundooooo aaa

alfonso vazquez says:

It was so sweet I cried

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