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So THAT’S what they were saying…
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Riley Murphy says:

Someone explain the scoreboard at 0:27. 1st and 100 with a score of 5 to L in the 23rd quarter with 22:36 on the clock

punsiella says:

finger time


I want cake now. That was funny

The pixel pro bros says:

Adolf fruit salad!?!? 1:19 that's sounds bad

Miko says:

Anyone here watch Markiplier play West of Loathing and found that "orange peanut" reference they made in the DLC??? Please tell me SOMEONE knew about this besides me.

A.E.B. says:

how are you feeling?

joe ferranti says:

Who else knows what they are actually saying

The goat is real Yes it is says:


BronzeSpaceComet says:

Finger time!

Victor Miguel Maprelian says:

Just awesome… God bless you guys!!

Tae Cup says:

Whoever is behind badlipreading is great.

Jess Karr says:

Oh, and get a beard…

Gabriel Nevarez Peinado says:

Really funny 😂

Justin Robarge says:


Jack Hamilton says:

"I'm white!"

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