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The STUPID reason why Liverpool lost 5-0 to Aston Villa | Oh My Goal

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Liverpool were soundly beaten (5-0) against Aston Villa in the League Cup quarter-finals. While the score is damning, the explanation is completely logical. Liverpool aren’t to blame, the English Federation are the guilty party…


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Nathan says:

I don't know why Aston villa were celebrating. I mean their current team vs U23 what did u expect. LIVERPOOLS U23 DID OK AGAINST ASTON VILLA'S CURRENT SQUAD

Mai Vu Tuyet says:

Ha ha ha haha looks like loser Liverpool has lost again

kuzzi70 says:

For crying out loud I couldn’t even recognise half of the team and yet kids are coming up to me saying 5-0 ha ha Our whole squad was in Qatar, and if they played then it would be a whole different solution

Cabdiyo Cabdiyo says:

Now Aston villa are in final

drdassler says:

No depth to the squad. This is what you have to put up with if you insist on using the same 12 players for every game you care about & don't have to deal with injuries.

Jack Ray says:

The youngsters are still growing. No pressure on the players👍

Samuel Koopman says:


Nigel Wood says:

1 like=me screaming over this loss

Juani Dominguez says:

The reason is because they play whith all young players

Cameron C says:

Ps klopp wasn’t even managing it u mong 😂🤣🤣

Cameron C says:

Why did u make this vid they wanted to loose and there 16 year olds were playing r u dumb 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

John Borda says:

I didn’t even know they lost 5-0

Dylan Goh Yi Meng says:

If it was klopp with salah mane and Virgil the 5-0 would be a uno reversed card

Farhan Hafidzz says:

So who’s here when Liverpool break premier league record and aston villa in relegation zone after getting smashed 6-1

Farhan Hafidzz says:

Who’s here after Liverpool win the club world cup

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