The Undertaker Double Chokeslams Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels! 9/22/97

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September 22, 1997 | New York City, New York | RAW is WAR

BOD22 YouTube Backup:
BOD22 Dailymotion Backup:

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Matt Davies says:

There's the Unndderrtaaaaakkeeerrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Maron Kingston says:

Yeah stop fightin assholes

Antonio Centeno says:

Bawh Ghawd!

Mike Trough says:

I guess this is how taker would break em up everytime these two man children got into a quarrel with each other.

Timothy Rouse says:

CLASSIC WWF wrestling 😎😎😎 Not that B.S. they sell now.

lairdriver says:

Undertaker is now officially retired.

bengalibadass says:

1:27 undertaker instructs both of them to Jump before hitting the chokeslam.

bengalibadass says:

Most of the wrestlers in that ring, are dead now.

Kenny Asomaning says:

Why tf the undertaker come out there , he didn’t have shit to do with anything 😂😂😂


any footage of rick rude, he was a ripped athlete we don't see that anymore…
how did he even die, shame.

Dabbin Unicorn says:

Attitude Era

Muhammad Khan says:

I used to enjoy getting this chokeslam when i was a kid 😆 the same they are doing

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