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This high school team may have the greatest trick play on a kick return ever 🔥 | #Shorts

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This high school team may have the greatest trick play on a kick return ever 🔥 | #Shorts

(via Fox Sports Southwest/UIL)


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Harry Bagina says:

You know its money when the camera man gets tricked

KiDD ViDD says:

Everyone copies DAT's track finish touchdown

gnicevids says:

Nah been done before

WyoMtnHippie says:

You put a good lick on the guy with his back turned, he aint going to want to run this play ever again. Although now a days, that’ll probably constitute a flag

ChaBoyLawson813 says:

It got me in the first half

Tony DeanDriskell says:

That was genius !

Ethan 4276 says:

Anybody else think a different guy had it even watching this video?

David Bubar says:

This had me questioning if they even caught the ball in the first place

KingWorld GSF says:

Bro even I was confused when the 4th got it

Shaun Chalky says:

“He has the ball…oh shoot”

William says:

Damn, they got some speed – the dude that scored the TD is fast, but his two downfield blockers flew.

El Nefew Z says:

That’s Ryan High a.k.a Raiders🤞🏽

afriendzofuns says:

0:05 not even tracking the ball carrier – where is this guy in black running to?

Gods Grace Or Mans Synthetic Manipulation says:

that was silky

JA Music Group says:

It took me watching this 5 times to see what was happening. Lol

Kris Allen says:

ngl i got mixed

darren kuhn says:

This isn’t all that uncommon in Texas High School football, I was on a 2A team and we did it

Komis Brennon says:

Them mfs look fast af!!!

Dlamini Dlamini says:

This is an american high school with the nice grass and painted field and all… a bit extra for a high school if you ask me
Wow Africa we need to step it up here

Brandon Hedges says:

idk why more teams don't do this kind of thing on kickoffs. much harder to defend

Mitchell Vang says:

Didn't trick the camera man

McPassion says:

Good job camera man. I would have followed the wrong person.

Gordon Yau says:

the fake, fake

Immanuel HIlliman says:

Is It just me or is that guy who scored the flash

Tommy Brulé says:

Some rugby shit fire af tho 🔥🔥

4Q says:

That happens to me in the state title game im saying gg and going home before we lose 70-0

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