Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes, and if you don't know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music.


This TRICKSHOT is 1 in a million! Inspired by @Incredible

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Be sure to check out Incredible! Some of the most amazing trickshots I’ve seen in a while

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Incredible TS says:

Thx for using my shot! That tells me I'm doin' somethin' right on youtube.

shariful islam says:

These are not tricks
It calls flukes

Alaina 💕 says:

My patience could never

Connor Hayes says:

Why he look like kylo ren the?

Maaden_Swe says:

No, this is not one in a million

Izzahan 265 says:

You kinda look like dele alli

Serra pingol says:

Bruh he did a 1 in 1 million he deserves more likes and subscribers

Dude Attack says:

Put a cup on top of a ball and drop it. The cup will launch and try to make it into another cup. I have done it and it took me 5 days so Good luck. 😁

The Commenter says:

Well it's not one in a million

You just need complex calculations of how are you gonna bounce the ball and how will you make it spin in a straight line

In search of Peace says:

I would like to know the actual probability of this shot. Please take 1 million shots and report the actual probability. It seems like some Gaussian probability distribution or something like that(a probability distribution, forgot the names).

윤여송 says:

됄거야 하면서 도전하는게 대단하고 그걸 또 성공시키는게 대단하다

Precision says:

Tip. Its more satisfying without the slo mo. So do normal speed then slomo.

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