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Title: Top 10 Best Corner Kick Goals In Football

+Changing Faces – A Chance To Say It All (Instrumental) [Liquid DnB]



TommyTube Playz says:

Why would the first guy do CR7 celebration?

I'm really board I'm really board says:

0:26 this guy thought that he was Ronaldo

Pascal says:

Alexander-Arnold shoud by on the number one spot😂

ياسر نوري says:

ابحب كرة القدم

Falcao TV says:

The only thing that I have a few years ago

MR.CAKE says:

Last one had to be covered with other “important” things

Ale Murdica says:

Like chi é italiano

János Nyikos says:

No way, man. 1. Puskás 2. Roberto Carlos …and the others. Just look at which foot they shot.

שי צרור says:

Wow good amizing should gols

Yasso says:

Mo Salah made it to

do it right he says:

Του φορτουνη γιατι να μην το εχει;;;

Michal Rychlak says:


Adam COHEN says:

Revoie ta calite frere

Lilian Mohr says:

Hi. Du bist nicht CR7

Giles Anosisye says:

Natafuta tem jaman

Shumix says:

Where's the Dragan Stojkovic Piksi goal from the corner?
It's one of the best 😛

Mandy Hallgren says:

That just got lukey

steven Rosales says:

First corner copyright of Ronaldo's celebration

Janet Ripley says:

It is Soccer not football and if your going to say football say futbul

dids valds says:

SICK 😎😎😎😎

Hello says:

The first one did that guy just did the Cristiano Ronaldo celebration?

Aloke Kr Das says:

কি বিরক্তিকর। শেষ গোলটা (Number 1 goal) দেখতেই পাওয়া গেল না। ততক্ষণে স্ক্রিন জুরে অন্য খেলার বিজ্ঞাপন এসে বসেছে। খুবই দুঃখজনক। Drawing attention of uploader!

Christopher Hidalgo says:

I didn’t even see the last one

Clima Dumitru says:

And steaua burulesti is an romania team

Clima Dumitru says:


Ngay Reh says:

It's soccer not football

noe vargas says:

Michael bradely was the best

noe vargas says:

Michael bradely was the best

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