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Reismann1 says:

Omg this is sweet but i hope that doesnt happen to me lol

Professional Bob says:

@ChocolateBubbleso How is that not an injury, you can see his bone sticking out of his sock.

tomoyo986 says:

fuk u it is he broke his ankle u shit

Pac Man says:

1st 1 isnt a injury?

Michael McNab says:

@MrBCAFC Yea . American think there so tuff yet its called rugby and the always have huge bits of protection .what a bunch of wimps!!!

Joe Corley says:

Only 5 of these are serious injuries…Shit Video

Andre Shlemon says:

@reboh79 its not brazilian football, the real name is football, and its called football all over the world, not just brazil, like i said, type in American Football because thats what it is known as all over the world,

Andre Shlemon says:

@reboh79 fucking idiot, it is football, if you wanted american football, THEN FUCKING TYPE IN AMERICAN FOOTBALL STUPID FATASS

Jay Cruz says:

cisse always has to be their, and in no 7 are they practising their kung fu lessons or are they just twats

Professional Bob says:

@xSherbertx This football has existed longer than yours… And it has 3billion supporters unlike a sport that finds it hard to become populare outside of the US and Canada cos all it is, is a bunch of twats on steroids smashing into each other for like two minutes, then they all cut to a beer comercial while the players catch a breather because they are too fat to play for the full time of the game.

nick1177 says:

however to say these are the worst is pretty dumb the one in the world cup wasn't even a broken rib in the end these are just a few random bad fouls.

nick1177 says:

@xSherbertx you're gay.

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