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The truth will always come out eventually. For this list, we’re focusing on scandals in the sports world that contain elements of controversy, planning, concealing or even conspiracy. Our countdown inclues scandals involving athletes such as Lance Armstrong, Diego Maradona, Tonya Harding and teams such as the New Orleans Saints, Juventus, the Houston Astros and much more!
Which scandal had you covering your mouth with your hand? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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Comments says:

Which scandal had you covering your mouth with your hand? Be sure to let us know in the comments!


Jalen Suggs says:

God I hate the Astros

Sheldon Scott says:

The Mike Tyson ear bite on Evander Holyfield didn't even make dishonorable mention?

Michael Lennon says:

Barry bennel and Saracens conspicuous by their absence. Bennel especially…

Shaun Baseby says:

You forgot the ball tampering scandal by the Australian cricket team in South Africa

John Babin says:

It really does seem weird to have cheating scandals on the same list as the sexual abuse and assaults.

SiVlog says:

21:52 I could list other scandalous situations in F1, the 2005 US Grand Prix (where Michelin tyre company had safety concerns about their tyres failing on the then diamond ground resurfaced Indianapolis Motor Speedway led to their teams, 14 out of 20, withdrawing from the race, leaving only 6 cars on Bridgestone tyres to run the 73 lap race. Michael Schumacher won for Ferrari, his team mate, Rubens Barrichello was second and Taigo Montiero was third for Jordan), Spygate (where McLaren was found to be in possession of thousands of pages of confidential Ferrari technical information in 2007, after initially being cleared of wrongdoing, McLaren were given a $100 million fine and were excluded from the 2007 World Championship) or 1975 Spanish Grand Prix (in what turned out to be the last race held under the Franco Dictatorship, the teams were blackmailed to run in unsafe conditions leading to one of the drivers having a rear wing failure, which pitched their car into a spectator enclosure, killing 5 and breaking the driver's leg) but the conspiracy by the Renault team to order Nelson Piquet Jnr to deliberately crash takes some beating in terms of infamy

Michael Boye Olsen says:

There is no doubt about where WatchMojo is from, after watching this video. 😀

Yma Allen says:

should have included the Australian cricket team sandpaper scandal

novawolfx23 says:

i dont know if it counts as a "scandal" but we cant forgot the zidane headbutt incident.

Francois Grobbelaar says:

The irony with the CTE scandal, is that the NFL sponsored the initial research, but once they noticed that CTE was a massive issue within the NFL and can be proven to be caused by on the field injuries, they pulled the plug on the research. Afterall, winning and money are much more important than the health of the players.

Trei Gaudie says:

Cannot believe Rugby League is on this list. For those who don't know, Melbourne storm are a super successful football club, and rugby league has a salary cap (at the time roughly around 8 million) in which each club can spend on players in the squad. Melbourne at the time, we're basically undefeated and had ALOT of star power, and they were sitting at about 20 million total. Literally the biggest cheating scandal in Australian history.

Rach Loveday says:

Obviously not the main takeaway but as an Aussie I appreciate that you pronounced Melbourne correctly.

skylineXpert says:

Got to know about the MLB steroid era through screwball on netflix.

skylineXpert says:

The tiny engines you can hide in the bike frame.

lp2317 says:

"Rose, he knows he's such a credit to the game, but the Yankees get the headlines every time…" –Billy Joel, "Zanzibar", 1978

Oh, about that…?

Jenny TJ says:

Nassar is the worst one.

dodgers doon1130 says:

Screw the trashtos justice will prevail, despicable cheating pos.. Take their rings they don't deserve them

Thomas Sprague says:

I would like to add the Evander Kane gambling scandal this year

Gabriel Dodds says:

not sure how you didnt include super bowl 40 conspiracy or the 1985 NBA draft lottery. smh

G50 says:

the NBA betting scandal was clearly scapegoating. After that notice how every sports league has been far more subtle on how they fix games/seasons.

Mauro Salgueiro Delca says:

The Hand of God is hardly a scandal. It's a refereeing mistake in a fast-paced play that wasn't so clear to judge. No one involved broke the rules, except for Maradona and players do that every time in every sport.

Cat Scanned says:

Stop talking thru the bits!!! Damn lady!! Let us watch without you jabbering👻

Robert Craig says:

You omitted Ben Johnson losing his gold medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics after testing positive for steroids!

Kendall Brown says:

Thank you for adding Paul Riley. Yes I know women's sports, and in this case, women's soccer, don't get enough viewership, but this is a very, very important case. No one should be mistreated in locker rooms for years. No one on a men's team or women's team. The NWSL deserves better.

Also, Fuck Larry Nassar.
A small and smart man, who used his massage therapy skills to abuse athletes for decades. It is absolutely disgusting.

Maxime Fontaine says:

Armstrong's doping "allegations"? No, they're facts. That bastard was a true cheater.

Cicjose says:

the thing is that scandal by FIFA is still being played out today, because everyone knows Qatar should not be hosting the WC next year, that whole saga doesnt end until the WC in Qatar is either stripped off them or the tournament is over


McGwire was hitting homers as a rookie.. was always a HUGE guy. his so called "steroids" were approved by MLB..
not Bonds..
Bonds, was a mid 30's homers a year guy, who never tipped 200lbs..
he juiced the shit out of himself, gained.. 50+ lbs..? and lied about it.
Even his own Godfather, willie mays.. cried foul/bullshit for his record.
its the most tainted record in all of baseball, and has no business being recognized.

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