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Top 20 soccer misses



Liam O'Connor says:

Reminds me of my childhood this video haha

Visvardys Barreto Rondon says:

Happy 10 birthday to this video! This conform part of my childhood! I always remenber this video❤️

Åri Eurovision says:

20) Spiritualized – "Do It All Over Again"
19) Luksus – "Particularly Lucky"
18) U2 – "Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of"
17) Oasis – "Where Did It All Go Wrong?"
16) Ocean Colour Scene – "You've Got It Bad"
15) Pet Shop Boys – "I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing"
14) Junior Senior – "Move Your Feet"
13) Kenny Logins – "Footloose"
12) Selma Björnsdóttir – "All Out Of Luck"
11) Robbie Williams – "Get The Joke"
10) Jay Z – "Hard Knock Life"
9) DJ Roger Sanchez – "Another Chance"
8) Gareth Gates – "Stupid Mistake"
7) Gangway – "Didn't I Make You Laugh"
6) Depeche Mode – "A Pain That I'm Used To"
5) Suede – "Beautiful Loser"
4) Radio Ventures – "A Bad Dream"
3) Super Furry Animals – "It's Not The End Of The World"
2) Neil Young – "Why Do I Keep Fucking Up?"
1) Danny Elfman – "Mission: Impossible"

For all those who seek explanation surrounding the use of these specific songs, there are 3 reasons:
1 – They were all released 1995-2005, 2005 is probably around the time where this video was made. (Also, note that the videos themselves are from 2005 and earlier).
2 – They are all about either a mistake, bad luck, or unfortunate turn of events, etc. (This doesn't apply to the last song, but it's obvious why this song was selected, too).
3 – They are all free to use and the video would not get taken off if the video uploader uses it.

Fun fact – The song in 12) competed in the Eurovision Song Contest 1999, and was in the lead until the very end, when it was surpassed by Sweden, finishing in 2nd. Ironic, heh?

monica mugisha says:

Song for 2:08?

roberto2k1 says:

Happy 9th birthday to this masterpiece from the old YouTube!

Daniel Melia-Moore says:

Still the best misses comp around for the soundtrack alone

Hernan Espinoza says:

0:03 they tried the offside trap

Vinicius Ferreira Ruckert says:

01:19 song please

Chief Beef says:

What the fuck is it with the music?

Nahashon Kimemia says:

The songs in this video are so relevant… 😀

Mel Del says:

honestly, worst music ive heard in my life.

Joe Smith says:

Some were difficult but looked easy.  On the other hand, many went over the top.  It can be very difficult to keep the ball down.

Saif Maadie says:

240p still exist 

Jas Sandhar says:

2:37 – I've done that once… In fifa 14

Greg Francavilla says:

All of these players were murdered by their fans shortly after….

Diego Olivera says:

I cant believe Forlan can miss a goal

LEOPARD craze says:




Edd Langton says:

barcalona player is ludovic giuly

Samuel Porter says:

how the fuck did they miss all those easy shots?

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