Top 3 Eagles Trick Plays | #TrickPlayThursdays | NFL

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Time for another segment of #TrickPlayThursdays. Let’s take a look at some of the best trick plays performed by the Philadelphia Eagles including a Flea Flicker touchdown pass from Donovan McNabb.

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Carlos Benavente says:


Liverpool FC & Slayer says:



Legendkilla05 says:

The Dolphins game made me an Eagles fan and Die Hard Eagles fan I am today I was a Dolphins fan from New York that just started watching football moved to Northeast Pa the rest is History!

NFL LIFE says:

It's depressing that all the trick plays were from mc nab

philliyfanbo says:

How is the surprise onside to start off the 2000 season not #1? That play set the tone for the entire season and kick-started the entire Reid era! Not even on this list? WTF? Has anyone here ever seen the Eagles actually play? Or did they just decide to pick flea flickers and HB/WR passes?

Don Codiene says:

Brian Westbrook is a fighter now

AngusGameplayz says:

Can you do the top 10 trick play fails?

Collinghood says:

Wasn't there a fake punt returned for a touchdown?

PhoenixFX says:

and dawkins

Davis2Nguyen says:

My favorite Eagle trick play was when DeSean Jackson dropped the ball near the endzone.

Striker49 says:


domanddev says:

All andy reid lol

Ryan Fernance says:

I really miss Donovan.

Matt 123 says:

I'm a Hawks fan, but I've gotta say Mcnabb has a hella of an arm

filladellfea says:

i miss prime mcnabb so much

Evan Thorpe says:

Such great talent at WR

GalaxyGal040-15 says:

The Eagles radio announcer rpsounds kimda like Bernie.

VenomSF says:

The only trick play I know of that the Eagles did was when the Eagles tricked the other team that they were going to score and they fumbled it or intercepted it

Kevin says:

2000's Eagles dominated. I miss them.

Owen Jake Paul Fan says:

All of this have McNabb on them

Carsten Casady says:

Wow Zach Thomas getting MOSSED on by a RB

Kole Page says:

Please do the top 5 dancers in the Nfl!

I Aint Got No Worries Reborn says:

The Eagles=A Big Fat L


Charles Ferron says:

the biggest trick play of the eagles is tricking their fans in believing in their chance on winning a superbowl one day

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