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The world of sport attracts us with a great many things. Some sports may appeal to you in various ways no one has thought of yet. Whatever brings you into this world will differ from your neighbor—all except one.

Dramatic finishes have universal appeal. They are loved by all that have even a passing interest in entertainment. Sports is by far the best show on television. While others flock to reality shows and the like, sports fans know a little secret. We have the best in theater right here.

Every game has the possibility of becoming a classic. But as always, you need a great ending. Something that gets you off your feet to question whether what you saw actually occurred. These are the best endings the sports world has provided us so far. These are the finishes that seem almost scripted. These are the plays that keep us coming back for more.

(All rights go to the original leagues and their broadcasters, no copyright infringement intended. If I feature clips that you own and that you don’t want me to feature, contact me via my business email and I’ll take it down as soon as I can)
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Sports Complex says:

Drama is what really makes sport great so here's 40 of the most dramatic sporting moments in history

Matthew Grafton says:

I was thinking the whole time that butlers interception would be number 1, but it wasn’t even on it

Hunter Holmes says:

No Texas A&M vs UNI in March madness?

Erik Nordt says:

How do you have a regular season baseball game ending on there of just a home run robbery (cool I grant you) but you don't have some of the amazing postseason moments that have happened recently. David Freese – 2011 game 6. I recognize that the astros got caught cheating but there's no denying how cool and dramatic the ALCS walkoff was, and the world series game 5 in 2017. You have game seven of the world series against the cubs and indians the went to extra innings. Game seven of the diamondbacks yankees that was a walkoff. Game seven of the marlins and indians that was a walkoff. game seven of the 2003 ALCS that was a walkoff. Maybe can't have all of em cause it's a 40 spot list but the choices for the baseball games were questionable

Jeff Wyckoff says:

Michigan V Appalachian State !!!!!

Michael S. Ingle says:

4:00– that was from 1998 not 1988.

A Chocolate Lab Named Aspen And a GSP named Remi says:

How TF is Auburn’s kick 6 not on here, but Nyquist goal is ? 😂

I mean I’m a redwings fan, and it was a great ending

Top 40 dramatic finish though ?

Not even close

Travis Koontz says:

Pulse pounding moments great stuff

Matthew schutte says:

Wow How exciting

Lance Chibitty says:

Can we appreciate Jerry Rice's blocking on number 31

Amiram Peled says:

You didn't include Ray Allen's "the shot" in Miami?! Make the whole clip irrelevant. I was sure it would be number one or two basketball finish with only Kawhi's shot topping it.

Kurtis Vankuiken says:

Blackhawks 2 goals in 17 seconds

Oliver Dahl says:

Best finish ever was Watford vs Leicester in 2013…and I'm not even British

Robert Schmidt says:

I haven't watched it yet, but Eager Martinez's double better be here

Lorenzo Castillo says:

2001 World Series

drewagoosa68 says:

"touch 'em all, Joe!"

Jsmeex37 says:

That McGrady is unreal

The Sloth says:

cal vs stanford band on the field

The Sloth says:

the Music City Miracle not on here

Sam Geraci says:

Good list but I'd have added the Immaculate Reception, the Holly Roller, and Antonio Freeman's "he did what" plays

tyler ilgenfritz says:

how is novas 2016 win not on here

joey doinkdoink says:

Trash picks….. in history? And you have a red wing just skating and shooting in overtime.. like that's never happened.. bad editing too.. jeeeeeze

Roman Baird says:

17 seconds. Blackhawks vs Bruins

André says:

Man all I see are American based sports, change the title 😐

Dr Chan Wong says:

Back when I gave a crap about sports. F these sjws.

mrpuckman says:

3:38 Wrong year

Joe Cool says:

2:22 – Not a fan of the Grizzlies or Kings, but WTF was that with number 35????? You just lost a potential subscriber. Down-voted, too. Learn how to make video compilations.

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