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Top 5 most dramatic World Cup of Darts moments throughout the past 9 years of the tournament.



Xx_FaZe_Rolf_xX l says:

Alpha male sport

Axel Ljungqvist says:

Needs the treble, GETS THE TREBLE! 2 darts in hand! TOPS to put Scotland out!

melvyns1975 says:

That ton from Lim was class

Fürst Raziel says:

Scotland against Singapore in 2017(?)

YE2000Ch says:

why is australia always involved?

Brandon says:

This tournament is so underrated. More doubles play in it would be awesome like how the first round is!

Amazing A The Dreamer says:

Oh yes. Singapore dumping out Scotland in round 1 in 2017. What a sight to behold that was. And if Gary isn't at his best, and Peter keeps performing poorly, I can see it happening again this year. I don't know how Wayne can think this is Scotland's to lose. Does he know something we don't?

idk says:

When she says "I'm not pregnant"

king Ec7 says:

Yet another great video keep them coming bro👌

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