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Top 5 Trick Plays of All Time | NFL

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Top 5 Trick Plays of All Time | NFL
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3k – 9/28/16

Please watch: “Greatest Football Playoff Catches”

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Bootle says:

Sherman slow asf

Geo Cap says:

2 things here :
1-it would seem Lorenzo Neal is a specialist in trick plays
2-Lorenzo Neal also played without a neck

33 13 says:

The Marino play was the greatest trick play ever

Nick Tucker says:

#1 is certainly the right one.. Marino fake spike 🙂

Luke Skyballer says:

First how can the Seattle return make the list? All they did was photocopy a play the Rams ran on them a couple years before. Not only did the Rams run it first but they scored a touchdown. After the game Carroll complained about its legality. The Marino trick while cool and a nice way to win a game doesn't sniff top five.

The Boss says:

Juan Marino's wasn't that much of a trick… didn't desrerve no.1

Victor Smets says:

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Vaino Makinen says:

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Timothy Bemiss says:

the Pittsburgh plays you showed was originally from the dolphins

mayzo2 says:

Are you serious? There has to be something trickier. Who writes this garbage a 12 year old/

Mason Young says:

Because you got this from "ESPN"

Mason Young says:

Just so you know there were only 4 not five you skipped number 3 it went 5,4,2,1 and this is most likely plagiarism

Awesomefreddy2571 says:

I liked the Dan Marino one

Hugo Lewis says:

firm as cooking staff collect crawl agenda nice.

Dolan Ducc says:

You stole this from the nfl

Tylerf64 says:

You literally stole the NFL's video

Shay003 says:

I thought the top fan moments video was gonna be funny but it was age restricted

Gee Loco says:

Matt stafford did a good fake spike on the Cowboys tricked everyone lol

thebjm1967 says:

Thanks for posting these!!!!

Major Mazzaroth says:

1:33 he's got it he's got it …………sounds like sex.

anthony morris says:

The music city miracle isn't really a trick play, a trick play is planned

zuckn says:

Why are you stealing NFL videos from there channel?

Call Of Duty King says:

I like it good job

kepler240 says:

tennessee was the best. that play sent them to the superbowl

Joseph1NJ says:

I knew they were going to show that Miami / Jets play because I was there! I was literally seated near the 30 yard line. I never thought it was a trick play.

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