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Griffin N says:

Great upload looks like its in the algorithm and about to blow up

alex mack says:

A Scotsman at the top of the list. Nice!

alex mack says:

watching this the day after Hammering Hank passed away. RIP true legend

Gerald Montoya says:

Bo Jackson home run in Allstar game

WhoDat295 says:

I remember watching This show as a kid I believe it was spike tv if I’m not wrong re runs of course👌🏽

부싼돼지국빱 says:

I miss kim ㅠㅠ

The Athletic Gamers says:

Ichiro breaking Stan Musial’s single season hit record? And Ichiro’s laser throw to third against the A’s?

Hulk Hogan says:

If joe Carter was wearing a Yankees uniform when he hit his World Series walk off home run he would be number 1

Zach Martin says:

This is a shit list

Zach Martin says:

How are there so many highlights from 2001 WS. The Yankees lost!

2minican Santos says:

The Diamondbacks closer are Aroldis chapman today’s 😂 Cubs 2017 vs rayáis Davis , Yankees 2019 vs altuve and 2020 vs mike brosseau 😭

Clockwork says:

Does anyone know the tune playing in the background at #46? DiMaggio getting robbed.

gillynova says:

it was nice to revisit this in 2020

Ian Moore says:

Right off the bat number 50 no Dave niehaus come on🙄

Jalon Mayes says:

Baseball is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

j g says:

This is very….middle 2000s lol

j g says:

I can't believe the Boston 2004 world series was 15 years ago already. Damn.

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