Top 50 Sports Bloopers of the Year | 2021 Fails & Funny Moments

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Raphael Rios says:

Top 50 more like 25 dude was skipping numbers 😂

Glenn Williams says:

0:230:40 #49 They show the clip 3 times and not once do we see the ball in the net….the clip stops all 3 times before the play ends.
Why? Who edits this crap?

Karsten Wilken says:

Video editing fail of the year: this video. Wtf is going on with the audio and wrong clips?

Miinty says:

the audio desyncs?

Dante Petrin says:

Easy #1. The first miss is bad enough, the second is the most unfortunate thing I've ever seen in football

Lavallais C says:

3:24 man really parried the football lmao

нυмαη ƒєllα says:

Whoo-hoo, Jets made the list! Yeah, I know, not a good list to be on but the Jets kinda deserve it, haven't been playing up to their potential. Not Hellebuyck's fault, they need to tweak the defence.

David Jacovelli says:

There's not much in the world more utterly boring than American sports., thankfully, else where would we be?

Justin Wallis says:

How is Edmundo Sosa pegging an ump in the side of the head not in this list

TrulyBeats says:

7:32 ive never seen stands so empty before

Aaron Scott says:

miss the old school sound effects with bloopers

Ronald Wright Jr. says:

Number 2 is one of the most genius accidental plays I've ever seen.

izthe wiz says:

3:48 not Rocky vs. Clubber
Rocky vs. Apollo privatefight in Mickeys gym at the end of Rocky 3 😉

Kolasom says:

Great stuff!!!!

stuart siglain says:

I glad to see that I’m not the only one who misses a lay up.

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