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Watch biggest cheating moments in cricket ||
Cheating umpire decisions || Cricket cheating umpires

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thatsbollox says:

3.40 isnt cheating.
Music is a phukking disgrace

How about Tendulkar ball tampering in South Africa + Bancroft + Atherton
How about the Indians and South African match fixers, Azharuddin etc + Tendulkar.
Muralitharan throwing/chucking all over the world for years.

Ziya Ahmed says:

Smith & warner on 1st

Ziya Ahmed says:

In thumbline poster Afghanistan playe stopping gayle & ms Dhoni run outing

adam gould says:

Gee what a surprise apparently Australia are the biggest cheats but none of these are Australia cheating but more cheating against Australia !!

Diesel 84 says:

That music is crap mate, take it off and you've got a decent video.
Give the thumbnail bait a rest to…

Gagan C says:

WTthumbnail bro

Srikanth nenu says:

Aus Chester s

Ashok Kumar says:

Sahid afridi is great cheater

Abhijay Verma says:

Afridi before- cheater cricketer
Afridi now-terrorist supporting terrorism in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

Quinn Weekes says:

The thumbnail has an Afghanistan player with Indians

viennacalling85 says:

Very disturbing music

tHe LuCiFieR says:

Enemy be quit

Hasinara Begum says:

Bad indian can

manoj johal says:

Chentting is bad😠

Biju Varghese says:

Except thumbnail……..

Salini Gladwin says:

It would be very helpful if you can tell us what they do

Crocodile McDocodile says:

When he hit the ball i thought it was an apple

Crocodile McDocodile says:

4 wasn’t cheating they just didn’t see it bounce

Kavita Sharma says:

How does the ball taste AFRIDI

Mgbabu Mgbabu says:

I am hating you for india

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