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This was the first time Tottenham reached the Champions League final.
Second Channel:
Highlights Channel:
Lucas Moura was clutch



Aron Binil says:

Tottenham lost 2019 final

Barnard Family Acct says:

When Spurs lost in the final I was so sad

Hamba Allah says:


Antonius Joseph says:

That's called struggle..

Shihab Uddin Sistee Noman says:

Lorente goal was clear hand ball…

Cecil Enaberue says:

Son is too good abeg

Codie Smith says:

How did they not go out, wow

Sebas EP says:

Me siento bien raro, por qué todos iban con el Ajax pero mi corazón estuvo siempre con el Tottenham

Marios Kastrounis says:

La la la la la la la la la

Ackeil Gorse says:

I watch it but don't watch the final 🤤

Diệu Thu 400K Vào timbantinhvn com says:

02:16 Cả thế giới này ai cũng yêu nhau chỉ có riêng mình em hẩm hiu một góc. 🤦

Griff’s Everything says:

Tottenham had such an amazing journey to the final

Chingri Chahong says:

Spurs hater free comment down pls😅

Theannxx_gaming says:

9:45 fans go crazy

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