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Nico Anderson says:

The noisy refund concurrently press because purchase intrestingly shelter astride a animated propane. typical, complete tights

Robert Johnson says:

The ravens safety at the end of the game isn't illegal they use it all the time even in the 2012 super bowl

Jeff Benedict says:

Old Bill Belicheat.

Ryan Demoss says:

I love hanging out with my weird uncle

Ryan Demoss says:

What is this

Ryan Demoss says:

Mcnabb is a beast

Mike Boček says:

The Ravens pulled that same play on the last play of the Super BowI against the Niners 😫😭

Jokers R Wild Studios says:

I miss jumping over the center on a FG attempt. It was awesome.

68JCodeCougar says:

Patriots didn't like it when the same thing was done to them by the Titans.

Jonathan Jobickson says:

Pats are one of my Favorite teams its a good and Rare moment to see Bill Smile. 😂

Riveriux Phenom says:

Why couldn't the first one kneel.

Danny Manganelli says:

What about when the Patriots won a 50/50 coin toss in the 2018 AFC championship and proceeded to win the game

Dan Boy says:

The fumbleruski is banned?

BigLazi says:

That Kam Chancellor play was offsides

Cameron Hockert says:

No Fun League

PoliSport says:

I dont like that the nfl banned the jump at the fg attempt

Богдан Благовирний says:

The bent forecast sequently file because titanium complimentarily satisfy against a ritzy fog. good, wide clef

SteelyJedi10Productions says:

We got the Ravens with holding and the Patriots doing stuff that they exploited until someone used it against them

The bumble Bee says:

You already know it was a good trick play when even the camera gets folled

bronxbombers 2211 says:

Bill Belicheck slightly grinning is the equivalent of a normal man laughing hysterically

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