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Trick Shot Titus 1 | Unbelievable Little Kid Does a Trick Shot Video

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Amazing shots from a kid (Titus) between 18 and 24 months old. He began shooting baskets shortly after learning to walk, we started filming some, and then got totally carried away.

This is the trick shot video that makes other trick shot videos look like a bunch of old guys who should have something better to do — like retire, turn up their pacemakers, or join an assisted living facility.

Everyone wants to see Trick Shot Titus vs Lebron James. The stars have to align for something like that, but we’d be game. The real question is if Trick Shot Titus vs Dude Perfect could be a thing, but I guess they’re as famous as LBJ these days.

Titus was on the hit YouTube show Studio C. Check it out:

We’re happy this video helped lead to Trick Shot Titus appearing on Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey. That was great fun.

We hope you find us to be the best family friendly, kid friendly content on YouTube.

Soundtrack is original.

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The Music Editor says:

Omg Titus is awsome

Spwof says:

His form is all wrong. He brings the basketball behind his head. Parents, please teach him the proper form

PRAJWAL jolli says:

I would looooove to meet this kidooo..

T. A. M. says:

This kid is like 1 or 2 and he is better than me

TyTy 0627 says:

His jump shot is wet

DEEDASAVAGE17 Srey says:

Can't wait till he gets bigger

Frizbee says:

How.. are you sure he was he born with trickshotiyitus?

Aniyah Harris says:

How he so good at it my one year old brother can't even get one shot

Ava lupa says:

Nice.Please watch my video

Haiyan Li says:

Dude perfect as a child

RareWaysUp says:

Am I the only one who thinks that the parents are overdoing their job? He‘s a kid and they teach him how to be a trick shot expert. I mean, it‘s okay and all that. But please: They could be less that focused on trick shotting.

TheODDball says:

Titus looks so much older now

AntVSGaming 182 says:

god bless man

Jacob Nieto says:

Little dude perfect

Jacob Nieto says:

I can't even do that

csZipy205 says:

the kid must be in elementary school now. I hope he plays basketball

Desiree Ragasa says:

Is so cute ?

mr donut says:

I was so impressed?

James TheBoss says:

Titus had the ugliest jump shot but it always goes in

reggie long says:

I seem like it he become dude perfect

Bruh Itz Mehhh says:

When a little kid is more talented than you.

EDAlexStudios says:


Kody Jo Price says:

He is a perfrshanol

Ilovebaseball84 says:

Am I only one who likes this music? And hates the music in the new videos

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