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Twilight – Baseball Scene

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Baseball Scene in the movie Twilight. I’ve watched this scene over & over! Definitely one of the coolest parts!
I do not own the rights to this movie. All rights go to Temple Hill production in association with Maverick Films/Imprint Entertainment
The song is by Muse: Supermassive Black Hole

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thejobloshow says:

Why are vampires playing baseball? This is not a very vampire thing to do.

TheDiadara says:

where did they film this scene?

Camila Madueño Tapia says:

What is a piece of art doing in a piece of shit movie? Why, Muse, why?…

Samuel Adu-Gyamfi says:

What’s the name of the song at 2:10?

MLP_Pïñèâpplē says:

Edwardss fu*k finger xD

meike padilla says:

What is Emmet doing in 0:19

Mike Jardin says:

I gotta tell ya, I love Jasper's deft bat handling. Some of my favorite moments in the first movie.

ellicia odell says:

Play nice kitty- Carlisle to rosalie

Indi Heaton says:

This is one of the few scenes in the entire franchise that's good

נטלי דסטה says:

Someone can explain me plzzzz why they need the weather to play?

Princess Leia Organa says:

Edward it's me your adopted sister Princess Leia and I am here for you

Beast Bros says:

how relise when the bat swang and it esma hair that blew not bells so soppose the other vampirese are looking for esma

strike three baseball says:

best part of the movie

Aglaja Ep says:

Alice is Amazing

Giorgia Maffei says:

I love Jasper ????????

Arif khondoker says:

Nice kitty 😀

jjkk jimin says:

only here because alice

TheKrista5 says:

This part was the reason I fell in love with Twilight

A. says:

Favorite part when Emmett climbs the tree

Bethany Beggs says:

I freakin LOVE Twilight, I am tooooooo obsessed. I need help

Gavin G says:

this is my favorite part of the movie. I use to be one of those "I hate those twilight movies" but I like the soundtrack and some parts of the story, however wtf was with the sparkling shit when the sun hits them, that sucked. other than that it was an okay franchise in my opinion, but maybe some things could've been done better.

Rachel Kent says:

HAHA the ad that popped up "the need for blood" lol

Allison Hardin says:

The comments are all split between lovers and haters of the series. If you claim you hate Twilight, then why would you choose to watch a scene from it? You're literally just wasting your time and bothering everyone who enjoys the movie by commenting negative things.

Cassandra Nosbisch says:

Edward flipping off Emmett at 1:32 lol ???

nessa73514 j says:

I still love twilight

100% salty says:

only scene I like in twilight

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