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UFC 148: Anderson Silva’s Boxing Workout Featuring Soccer Star Ronaldo and Steven Seagal vs Feijao

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MMA H.E.A.T. brings you part of #UFC Middleweight Champ #AndersonSilva’s UFC 148 open workout.  In this clip the champ boxes with members of his team as well as Brazilian soccer legend #Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima.  In addition, action star and Team Silva friend/coach #StevenSeagal gets on the mats to mix it up with former Strikeforce champ Rafael Feijao. 

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Hoong Foong says:

Why seagal always doing the slap things… is it really work in MMA

umberto ferreira says:

Eita pança !!

Anderson Lima says:

Tava muito bom,até aparecer esse merda do Ronaldinho

kamdi gonzales says:

Anderson Silva the Legend

Fuilcer says:

Lol the moment Ronaldo realize it wasn't a soccer challenge they brought him to the wrong fight lol

edison nevel crisologo carranza says:


Max Beshro says:

Lol ouffff lol

RisenPhoenix says:

Okay folks, allow me to enlighten you all on this. What Seagal showed was playful sparring. I'm sure if he were actually sparring or fighting the guy, you would see him be able to deflect punches adequately and attack, much like he was here. I mean not everything has to be about competition to see who has the biggest dick. Grow up! This is about enjoying doing what you do and sharing the arts. Give Seagal credit, he's humble enough, I would imagine, to take the time out of his day to hang with these guys and train them. He may be learning a thing or two himself, who's to say he's not? Why don't people like Seagal? Fake hair, silly looking in a gotee? Who cares? Half of these UFC fighters look goofy as fuck. Oh because he's fat? Okay, but he's also pushing 70! This is the problem I have with MMA, the culture. The arrogant, disrespectful mindset that you people have. GROW UP!

Alberto González Bollaín says:

aikido is basically useless as a martial art, imo. Fun sport though.

Delroy Washington says:

Every one does wot he wants , he plays patercake

Leonidas Neves says:

Ronaldo merecia um pau.

Dusek Levay says:

Segal is.really dangerous

Gary Ozborne says:

Steve seagal nothing. Bruce Lee wud of been alive well but thay
all say that thay can beat him..
as it was dead in enter the dragon
bull shit mister Han or Steve seagal i say no more you all won't
what he was and had

Jack Daniel Vithal says:

He has size and fast fast hands.

David Mora says:

Anderson: ''Oh maaan, here's that dude again…''

Shemoth Kunjhan says:

Steven Segal can only fight outside the ring. He can seriously injured his opponent or even kill A guy in seconds!

Isaac Arellano says:

lets have a round for all the assholes are trolls,

ronaldo indio says:

Ronaldo e vai Corinthians

Lukas Amfetamina says:

Siegale vs Tyson !

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