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We strap on a Vive and go in swinging.

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Flareon Gaming YT says:

This is 2 years late but ugly joe is a refrence to glass joe in punch out

JDS says:

ive done karate for years and it annoys me when amateurs fight

Jams With Nattrass says:

Lmfao Sam's fighting killed me

tai lopez says:

1:19 wtf is this stance LMAOO

lolo' boy says:

What's the problem fighting in real life?!

KoivuTheHab says:

Looks idiotic.

John David Carlos says:

get no the dick

daren jones says:

Why does ugly joe look like a a lot better looking version of Ariel hewanni

big boss says:

Ебать о даже бить не умеет

Powder Hungry says:

imagine fight night in vr holy crap o.O

Mike t says:

This is terrible. In boxing it matters when you land a punch. In this , there are literally zero punches landed so you overshoot every punch you throw.

I imagine there will be many shoulder and rotator cuff injuries due to this nonsense.

SAMO 6IX says:

Niko best his ass

pWnisher says:

Yugoslavia doesn't exist anymore 😀 Now it's Serbia and some others countrys

username says:

Video games were so magical for me as a kid in the 90's…now, everything seems or feels so dumb and boring.

Dwayne Dawes says:

vegeta vs jiren 7:00

Treven ODonnal says:

And this is when nerds learned to fight

Dream killer says:

Its called a clinch not a hug

Moaz Desi Gamer says:

for boxing shadow practic…this game is awesome for

ThugDoctor says:

thats so funny, they cant box for shit

Mark Loayza says:

ugly joe looks like ariel helwani

Shoma says:

You are so dumb. He look like you, not like us. DUMBASS

Tha Beat Makerz says:

u guys should try moving your feet

rocky Kim says:

it's DDONG game..

Норайр АРУТЮНЯН says:

Gays in very good video. Thenk you.

BK CheZ says:


sk problemi says:

i like so much now to play this game i like box games beacuse im registered in boxing club so i like to play these games

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